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    Super Injunctions have been mentioned by one of the local political parties. Jim Allister has the details on the TUV website. Stephen Nolan does not discuss Super Injunctions on any of his radio shows or TV shows. I wonder why that is? Are Super Injunctions the real reasons why members of the Unionist community are […]

    altpsalm79gjyrcensorreality1Stephen NolanMI5JDLaufgingstockaltpsalm79gjyrcensorreality1Stephen NolanMI5JDLaufgingstock

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    Willie McLundy backs the Kincora Old Boys decision to take NO stance on sodomy lol lol lol Did the Belfast Lundyletter not ask Willie what his stance on Super Injunctions is? The man is a total fraud. He is now claiming he prepares “his sermons” late on Saturday evenings?? lol lol lol “Emphasising his commitment […]


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    Has VBC Spotlight ever done a programme covering the topic of Super Injunctions?  Obviously they would not be able to reveal who has them but they may be able to reveal the mechanics of how they work? For example, how do you actually bring the matter before the courts? How much do they cost? How […]


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  • 12/08/15--10:28: SPOOKED
  • Mr Cheeky Sod has been Spooked.  You have to laugh at these people desperately trying to convince the public they have an important role to play in the Westmonster Parliament! They are in the pocket of you know who! Proverbs 24:10 If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.


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    Fascinating WW2 instructional video about the need for captured personnel to tell absolutely nothing to the enemy, even seemingly unimportant details about anything at all! It is amazing how lots of little details can expose the most closely guarded secrets. Frank Cushnahan should have watched it, lol Here is a nice picture of Frank from […]

    altpsalm79gjyrPress Eye - Belfast - Northern Ireland - 29th November 2012 - Pushkin Trust at Titanic Belfast Yvonne and Frank Cushnahanaltpsalm79gjyrPress Eye - Belfast - Northern Ireland - 29th November 2012 - Pushkin Trust at Titanic Belfast Yvonne and Frank Cushnahan

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  • 05/09/16--12:41: COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY
  • Injunctions get a mention in the news today. A former “Escort” says they are a complete waste of money! They seem to work well for some politicians, though I suppose they only work well as long those particular politicians do what “the powers that be” require them to do. 1 Timothy 6:10  For the love of […]


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    “Private Eye” have pushed the limits regarding super injunctions.  They are relating one is linked to a N.Ireland individual. You can read about it here at this link. SILENCING IN COURT Expunged from the internet Since Private Eye is published in London rather than Belfast, we are free to tell you this. And to inform […]


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    A cursory survey of the so-called British “far right,” since the early 1960s, would lead any sensible person to the conclusion, that the only people who are allowed to emerge as “right wing” leadership personalities, are individuals who are already compromised or individuals who can be easily compromised at the drop of a hat. The […]


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    In this hour of crisis for the UK a man has appeared who can be the decisive force in the Brexit battle. He is a man who will do what LESSER men or SMALLER men will not do, he will openly tell the UK public...


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  • 12/10/18--13:02: A SACRIFICIAL LAMB?
  • Silver threads and golden needles, the MP for Upper Bann, has raised his adulterous head in Westmonster, and accused Theresa, Antichrist`s faithful servant of making N.Ireland a “sacrificial lamb?” How could she possibly dare do such thing as the DUP is supposed to have her...

    altpsalm79gjyrwestminster-palace-666theresa-may Forehead6662MI5666altpsalm79gjyrwestminster-palace-666theresa-may Forehead6662MI5666